There are a number of Irish based Wolves fans who are season ticket holders and who travel to every home game as well as some away matches.  There are other fans who travel to many matches both home and away, while some of us only manage to get to one or two games per season.

This supporters club will not provide or arrange travel or accommodation and tickets for fans.  We will merely provide people with guidance and advice where necessary.  If you wish to travel with other Wolves supporters to a match, please contact your nearest supporter group contact who may be able to inform you of any other fans who may be attending the same match as you. Many of our members state the games they are going to on our facebook page. So keep an eye on that page too.

An annual Irish Wolves 'meet up' occurs every season, where as many of our members as possible gather for a match in Wolverhampton.   For more information on this, watch this space and watch out for the latest news on the front page.

For ticket, travel and accomodation information, see the links page.